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Friends to Learn From: Current D’Ignazio

Staying Motivated and Inspired Amidst Endless To-Do Lists

I met Current D’Ignazio through the great power of Instagram. Current is the Senior Brand Communications & PR Manager at La Prairie. We first got in touch after I had shot some beauty content on IG stories, and she reached out and suggested a few products she thought I might like. Many events, photoshoots, coffees, and laughs later, she still inspires me to channel creativity, work hard, and think outside the box.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is meeting so many unique & talented individuals and learning unexpected new things! I love working with a wonderful cross section of industry leadership—from editors to influencers, celebrities, makeup artists, dermatologists, and fashion experts.

Additionally, La Prairie supports young and emerging artists who pay homage to the brand’s esthetic roots. I’ve been fortunate enough to be introduced to amazing artists and art institutions through these initiatives and it’s led me to an enhanced role—spearheading La Prairie’s Cultural and Artistic Affiliations in North America.

How did you decide on your career path? Did you always know you wanted to work in PR?

The summer prior to my senior year in college I had a fantastic PR internship in NYC. I worked with fashion, beauty, and hospitality clients and loved the fast-paced environment: creative photoshoots, event planning, running around the city, organizing contacts lists and product closets, memorizing tip sheets, and even getting the coffee order for the team. I found it all super invigorating and loved and appreciated the nitty-gritty details that went into everything. I admired the hustle of the older PR women and knew I wanted to be a part of this world when I graduated.

What’s typical (pre-pandemic!) day like for you?

My day (pre-pandemic) usually involved an early morning workout (SLT or Physique 57), quick shower + skincare application, and then off to the office. Depending on the product launch, press event or upcoming travel, the day can take several different turns. Most of my work is done via email (pitching, replying to requests), lots of meticulous follow-up and networking (media, tastemakers or beauty experts). If I’m not sitting at my desk, I’m at breakfast with an editor, on a site-visit, or perhaps in the air!

What has helped you grow in your career?

Having fabulous mentors—Chao Wang, Jaime Maser, Elizabeth Lamont, Sarah Vicklund. I’ve learned a different skill from each of these smart and talented women. I feel so lucky to have so many inspiring females to look up to!

What work outfit makes you feel powerful?

A blow out, tailored high waisted pants, and a fitted tee—everything steamed/pressed—you just look and feel ready to go!

What drives you?

Success, curiosity, gratitude.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

There aren’t enough hours in the day! There are so many big and small ideas, new concepts—things I want to try. It’s tough to carve out the time for it all.

What’s one of your best tips for work/life balance?

Make time for yourself. Whether that’s a workout, manicure, massage, or a 10 min walk around the block. You will never cross off everything on your to-do list and it’s important to come to terms with that. It’s okay to put work down and do something for yourself.

What’s one of your best tips for staying motivated? Is there anything you do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to keep yourself feeling creative or inspired?

A weekly run around the Jackie O Reservoir in Central Park. She had such style, poise, and grace. She seemed to be an endlessly curious woman and found greatness in art, historic buildings, writing always with superior taste. I think of her as a very successful career woman, who seemed to manage it all. She is one of the many legends I admire. I always think of her as I jog around the lake loop.

I also make it a point to have a cultural experience once a month (if not more thanks to my job!). Walking around Chelsea—David Zwirner & Gagosian galleries or visiting The Guggenheim Museum in my neighborhood. I love contemporary art and checking out the latest or revisiting an exhibition helps me stay creative and inquisitive.

What’s your best career advice?

Make time for people. Listen. Be sincere. Send the hand-written note.

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