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Friends to Learn From: Ashley Kane

Keeping it Fresh in the Blogging World

Pinterest-worthy snapshots. Classic closet staples. An adorable pup. A fellow blogger-turned-friend, Ashley Kane has one of the most awe-inspiring websites and social media feeds I’ve ever seen. It only seems natural that the two of us met through Instagram. “One of the best parts about the app is that I have met some of the nicest people and friendships have formed because of it,” Ashley notes. Today, I’m thrilled to be giving you a glimpse into her oh-so busy, yet picturesque life.

What’s your current position and what do you love most about your job?

I work from home and am self-employed. I’m the founder of Brunch on Chestnut, a lifestyle site that celebrates beauty in everyday life and living a life of enjoyment. My favorite part about my job is that I get to wake up and spend time doing things that bring me pure joy. Over the years the reward of creating content has shifted from being a passion project for me—to inspiring those who read and follow along. The people who keep up with BoC are the loveliest humans. I feel lucky everyday connecting with them, it is now the biggest motivator for me to keep things up.

What’s a typical day at work like for you?

I’m a morning person and love starting my day bright and early. I try and focus on the most creative and energizing morning rituals first, like listening to a podcast, reading a chapter in a book, or taking my dog for a walk to the park with a matcha latte. I love running with my creativity in the morning, so I usually will shoot photos, write, or collect inspiration for story ideas or projects I’m working on. Reactionary work follows, like emails and answering DM’s on Instagram. I’m in and out of my apartment quite a bit between cafe work dates and taking my dog on walks. I try to work in 90-minute intervals and then take small breaks to regroup.

What’s the most challenging part about your job?

Managing myself and working solo is an endless learning experience. I’ve realized that I need to keep a few things in check to feel a sense of balance—a routine that allows my creativity to flourish, staying on top of admin aspects, pushing myself to learn and try new things, and taking care of myself every step of the way.

What’s one of your best tips for work-life balance?

This can certainly be a challenge! While I share a lot and I’m happy to, I try not to force it and I allow myself to have free time. If what I love to do begins to feel like a chore, I will take a pause. If I end up working a bit on a Sunday and take a few hours off on Monday, that’s okay. My best piece of advice is to be easy on yourself, and know when to switch off. When at dinner or with friends and family, I will always throw my phone in my bag.

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Do you have any rituals for keeping yourself motivated or inspired?

Staying motivated all the time isn’t possible for me. I stumble across ruts every so often. I’ve noticed the better I am at starting my day on the right foot, sticking to a routine, and getting out of the house makes such a positive impact on me and my work. Also exploring new neighborhoods, trying something new, and traveling always gives me so much energy and inspiration. I love to be wonderstruck by a new (to me) discovery.

What piece of clothing makes you feel powerful?

Since I don’t work in an office, I dress pretty casually each week. However, if I have a meeting or an event and I want to feel powerful, I reach for a perfectly tailored blazer.


What has helped you grow in your career?

An endless passion for what I’m doing. Ever since I was young, I’ve been passionate about fashion, interior design, and photography. I started blogging when I was 17, and have kept it up because it’s something that feeds my spirit and curiosities.

What drives you?

The feeling of being inspired. The desire to inspire others along the way.

What’s your best career advice?

Stay true to yourself and find a role where you’re able to spend time doing the things you love to do. If you really love what you’re doing it’ll shine through your work and will always set you apart.

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