5 Books to Read If You’re Starting a Business

Best books for starting a business

I’ve always loved reading and have felt that books have the ability to change our point of view and instill good habits into our daily lives. I’ve mentioned before that although building a business is an incredible undertaking, it’s also an experience that can be very lonely. Reading about other entrepreneurs experiences and jotting down advice from other professionals can help. If you’re looking for guidance as you launch your business, there are a ton of books out there that can help guide you through your decision making. Here, I’ve rounded up five favorites that are just as inspiring as the women who wrote them.

For Inspiration

best books for starting a business

In the Company of Women, by Grace Bonney

This is the kind of book you’ll always want out—on your coffee table, nightstand, or desk—for those moments when you need an extra dose of inspiration. This beautifully photographed book features a collection of encouraging words from women who have fully embraced the entrepreneurial spirit. Skim through snapshots and read interviews from 100 different business owners, designers, makers, and creatives to motivate and get yourself excited for your own endeavors. Interview questions include, “What does success mean to you?” and “What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned while running a business?” My advice: take notes and place them throughout your office or house to serve as a reminder that you can achieve even your wildest dreams—and that you’re not alone.

For Leadership Skills

Best books for starting a business

Lean In, by Sheryl Sandberg

Written by the COO of Facebook, Lean In is a must-read for every aspiring business owner. With a big emphasis on the importance of leadership, this book is truly a continuation of Sandberg’s TED talk. Her speech analyzed how women unintentionally hold themselves back in the workplace and challenged them to take risk, have confidence, and pursue their goals. Packed with empowering personal anecdotes and research that is sure to light a fire in any entrepreneurs heart, if you’re only going to read one book on the list, this should be it.

For Finding Your Worth

Best books for starting a business

Grow Your Valueby Mika Brzezinski

The financial aspects involved with entrepreneurship are often the most intimidating part of getting started. This guide will help ease some of your stress by offering well-rounded tips on topics like negotiating, speaking up for yourself, and acknowledging your inner value. You’ll be moved by Brzezinski’s honesty about rebuilding her own career and encouraged by her desire for all women to unlock their full potential.

For Staying on Track

Best books for starting a business

168 Hoursby Laura Vanderkam

“Consistency is key.” You’ve heard it before, but in the context of building a business, it really couldn’t be more true. This motivational pick is based on the fact that although we all live crazy busy lives, there are 168 hours in a week and it’s up to you to make the most of them. With approachable ideas on how to best manage your time, calendar, email, and more, 168 Hours is the perfect read for anyone striving to achieve balance in both their personal and professional lives.

For Believing in Yourself

Best books for starting a business

Everything Is Figureoutable, by Marie Forleo

I’ve only heard great things about this popular self-help book, so it’s no surprise to me that it has raving reviews. Written by a life coach and motivational speaker, reading this will leave you feeling energized and capable of handling any challenges that come your way throughout your business journey. Chapters touch on topics like, eliminating excuses, striving for progress rather than perfection, and tips for dealing with criticism. Oh – and I love the title and definitely agree that there’s a solution to any challenge – you just have to be creative and have confidence in your own vision.

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Best books to read if you're starting a business

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