6 Simple Decor Updates That Make a Big Impact

Small decor updates

If you’re looking to spruce up your house or apartment, there are a handful of chic ways to turn a rental (or any minimal space) into something much more special. Living in New York city has not only taught me how to make the most out of small spaces, but also how to turn a rental into something that actually feels like home. Here, you’ll find some of the simplest things you can add to your abode without giving much of a time or financial commitment. Happy decorating!

A Pop of Wallpaper

Even in small spaces, an accent wall can add personality without much effort. If you own a home it’s likely that you have free rein to DIY your heart out, but if you’re in a rental like me, there’s a fun alternative to spicing things up. Temporary wallpaper has become my new best friend—whether it be for a bedroom or bathroom vanity. Apply it to the spot in your house that’s craving a bit more attention and you’ll notice a big enhancement in your overall design. I’ve been crushing on the selections from Tempaper, and have used their products in a couple spots in my apartment. For a behind the scenes look at my attempt, check out the Decor DIY highlight on my Instagram.

Small decor updates

Tempaper Pomegranate Sand$12 sq. ft

An Untraditionally Shaped Mirror

Switch things up a bit by opting for an unexpectedly shaped mirror for your hallway or living room. This half-moon pulls double duty because of the handy shelf that’s attached. I’d keep decor along the shelf light, but a potted plant with some height, your favorite candle, or a petite round picture frame could add a special touch.

Small decor updatesWorld Market Half Round Mirror$100

A Statement Rug

Cozy rugs are every interior design lovers dream. Those with fun prints serve as great conversation starters and are often the focal point of a room. Place one under your coffee table or purchase a long and narrow runner for a hallway. Anthropologie has several striking options that would go well with any type of room. This one would look adorable in a mostly white space.

Small decor updates

Anthropologie Hand-Tufted Bellina Rug$88+

Woven Baskets

Are you prone to kicking off your shoes and leaving them strewn about? Most of us our guilty of it, but luckily, woven baskets serves as a practical fix for the common household habit. Place something neutral, like this affordable find from H&M, by your front door to encourage yourself to toss them in here instead. Not only will this make things look tidier, but it will also add a cozy vibe to your space. (p.s. check out H&M home for some chic decor deals! I’m obsessed with many of their vases, specifically)

Small decor updates

H&M Braided Storage Basket$25

Textured Throw Pillows

Throw pillows can be surprisingly expensive, and they’re easy to get tired of after a while. Rather than splurging on just a few, I’m a fan of buying shams that can be alternated throughout the year and changing seasons. Styling a couch or bed with the same pillows can look flat, so amp things up a bit by incorporating differently textured fabrics. I love the simplicity of this dotted white sham paired with something more vibrant. Scroll down to see the combo I love.

Small decor updates

Anthropologie Ribbon-Embellished Shams$53

Pair It With….

A colorful print! The mix of different materials elevate a seating arrangement and make it look less like a sloppy lounging place and more like a piece of art. Furniture is typically an investment, so make sure you’re serving it well.

Small decor updates

Anthropologie Block-Printed Gila Euro Sham$88


As it turns out, you don’t have to have a big yard in order to tap into gardening. With varying textures, colors, and aromas, plants can bring life to an otherwise still space. If you live in the suburbs it’s easy to swing by a Home Depot or Lowes and browse the nursery, but for us big city dwellers, it’s more challenging to find a selection of indoor plants. Here’s where Gardenuity comes in. Their website sells a variety of growing kits, like vegetables and herbs, that can be delivered directly to your front door. They match your selections based on your location and send you everything you need to get started. Fresh herbs work as an aesthetically pleasing addition to a kitchen, but they’re also good for cooking or as cocktail garnishes. Place yours in tall vases with mixed heights to bring the focus toward them.

Small decor updates

Gardenuity Grow Kits$39+

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Small decor updates

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