On Launching Plan de Ville’s First Product

In 2017, we introduced our first private label product, Plan de Ville’s debut Exclusive Fragrance!

I have always wondered what it would mean for Plan de Ville to expand into our own private label, and this past spring we had an amazing opportunity to develop our own custom fragrance via a beautiful candle.Creating our first product was such a personal experience for me. The candle features dominant notes of sandalwood, and it was conceived as a tribute to the scents of some of the team’s favorite places. From Positano to Amagansett, the fragrance recalls late seaside afternoons and evenings by the fire.

Our entire team is always inspired by a sense of connection and mindfulness, whether that is through the books we read, the places we visit, or the clothes we wear. And, our designers are committed to creating unique pieces that empower women to feel confident and independent all at once.

Exclusive Fragrance 2017 by PLAN DE VILLE

Our debut fragrance features a sense of masculinity (an homage to the stylish men in our lives, and the allure of crisp tailoring on women) and adventure (reflected in sea notes that channel summer shores and light-as-air linen dresses). A sense of style transcends fashion and extends into our lives – and that is exactly what came together to encourage me to release our debut fragrance through our very first candle.

From the beginning of the business, people have asked me when we’ll expand into our own label. “When will you start designing?” was never a question I expected to hear, and yet I have continued to hear it – and from people I admire. When thinking about developing deeper into our own products, there are so many things to consider. How can we offer inclusive sizing? What does our audience want? How much should it cost? How can we create a high quality product at a great value for our customers? What if they don’t like it? How will we finance production?

The funny thing about creating a business – and Plan de Ville was always meant to be a brand that women would trust – is recognizing new opportunities to expand and develop the brand’s voice and identity. More on that soon…

Photographed by Paige Campbell Linden | Wearing The Helga Dress by Demestik available on Plan de Ville

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