VIDEO: My Everyday Beauty Routine

One of my favorite conversation topics with women online is everyday beauty. I love hearing which products you enjoy, and sharing my favorites, too!

I’ve been working with some of the best makeup artists in the world for over a decade, and they are absolutely responsible for my comfort level with makeup today. Women like Elaine Madelon and Melissa Formica have taught me so many great makeup tips, and I made this video to share them with you, too. From my favorite eyeshadow duo to the new lightweight foundation I just fell in love with, I’m sharing all of my favorite products in my everyday makeup routine! Below the Youtube video, you’ll find a list of all of the products I talk about in the video, which I currently use every day.

This video was filmed and directed by my dear friend and collaborator, Standa Merhout. Please enjoy the video below! You can subscribe to my Youtube here.


  1. SERUM: Vita Rich by Sanitas
  2. MOISTURIZER: Intensive Moisturizing Cream by Atopalm
  3. FOUNDATION: The Etherealist Foundation by Kevin Aucoin
  4. CONCEALER: Concealer in “Ivory” by ClĂ© de Peau
  5. BRUSH SET: Sephora’s Uncomplicated Complexion Set
  6. EYE SHADOW DUO: “All About Eve” by Nars
  7. BRONZER: Ambient Lighting Blush Collection by Hourglass, Color “Dim Infusion” in Radiant Finish
  8. HIGHLIGHTER: Ambient Lighting Powder by Hourglass, Color “Ethereal Light”
  9. EYELINER: Always Sharp Eyeliner by Smashbox, Color “Sumatra”
  10. EYEBROW PENCIL: Detailed Eyebrow Definer by NaturallyBy Stevi Christine, Color depending on your hair color
  11. MASCARA: High Volume Mascara by Trish McEvoy
  12. LIP GLOSS: Lip Gloss by Chantecaille, Color “Classic”
  13. LIP TREATMENT: Lip Sleeping Mask by La Neige



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