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VIDEO: It is such an honor to be able to connect with inspiring, intelligent, highly-motivated women in my professional life. I was so impressed by Elisabeth Jones-Hennessy’s career story, first as a beauty buyer at Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue, and later as the Chief Executive Officer of By Killian, a luxury fragrance brand that she helped build with style, power, and grace. Check out our video interview!


Here are some of my favorite pieces of advice from Elisabeth.

Catherine: “What are your top tips for women starting out in their careers today?”

Elisabeth: “Be open to learning from everyone that you come across – whether it is the mailman or the CEO. There is always something to learn from the people around you.”

On her daily style and work uniform when she’s between New York and Paris:

“My work uniform is pretty basic on a day to day basis. My shoes vary, if I know I’ll need to walk, I prefer comfortable shoes, but if I know I’ll need to be a little dressed up, I’ll have a pair of heels in my bag. I love a blazer that I can take off if I need to, paired with a great tank top underneath. And, a great tote bag that can hold my computer and everything I need for the day!”

On who she admires in the industry:

“Linda Fargo is someone I worked with at Bergdorf Goodman, and I’ve always admired her style and her vision, she’s definitely an icon in the industry and someone I look up to.”

On her newest project, her digital diary at

“Follow My Eye is a new feature on the site that I’ve just developed and the idea is to share a weekly curation of things that I’ve discovered and that I’m excited about. It will offer a range of different products that I’m excited about for others to discover.”

We can’t wait to see what she curates and shares. Head over to Elisabeth’s beautiful visual diary to read an exclusive interview with me!

What We Wore:

Elisabeth wears the Farrah Top by Julianna Bass, paired with her favorite black skinny jeans.

Catherine wears the Lenox Bodysuit in white by Alix NYC and the Rad Blazer in White by Stephanie Rad.

A film by Daniel Jaffe produced by Shannon Wright for Plan de Ville.


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