My Favorite Pieces on Plan de Ville this September

Each fall brings back to school shopping (I’m included in that camp this September!) and for my team, it brings the arrival of all the pieces we’ve been looking forward to since last fashion week. Here are a few of my favorite pieces that debuted on Plan de Ville this September! And, don’t worry – lots more to come in October!

XO, Catherine

The Long Sleeve Contour Ribbed Dress by Kallmeyer, $390

I purchased this dress from Daniella Kallmeyer of Kallmeyer over a year ago, and I fell in love with it immediately. I knew I had to make it available on Plan de Ville as soon as I wore it to speak on a panel, and felt instantly totally appropriate and professional, but also stylish and unique. In a sea of black, wearing a color like bright white is a quick way to stand out in a crowd and radiate a sense of powerful composure and purpose. Plus, the mock turtle neckline is so flattering.

The You Can Change the World Shirt by Maggie Marilyn, $490

This shirt’s name says it all. For the woman who wants to amp up her office style, Maggie Marilyn is a brilliant way to do so. The designer is known for her whimsical touches, like the ruffles on this otherwise buttoned-up (ha!) blouse. A must have for boardrooms and weekend brunches alike.

The Resty Tote by Vasic, $595

I love this day-to-night tote because it is so lightweight, and yet fits everything I need to stay productive all day long. That includes my laptop, papers, notebook, and a few beauty essentials. You can totally toss a pair of flats in there, too!

The Floor Length Cardigan by Izaak Azanei, $565

This ultra-soft ankle skimming sweater features Saga Fur cuffs and serves as the perfect transitional layering piece. Instead of a coat, layer it over jeans and a soft black tee for a polished early fall look. When temperatures drop, wear it indoors all winter long like a luxe robe. Chic!

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