Dressing for and Creating the Job You Want

As a female entrepreneur, I stand behind core beliefs about business and management. Chief among those beliefs is that respect is a critical value in the workplace, as is a sense of empathy, and flexibility. I started this site because of the conversations I’ve had over the past three years with women about their career aspirations, challenges, and questions.

When I started my first company at the age of 25, I had so many questions, but I didn’t feel comfortable asking many of them. There’s a sense that we should all be endowed with an innate set of skills – and many times we are (they’re called talents!) but we still need help. I believe that women today have the power to craft a fulfilling career path grounded in core values about what makes us thrive. The challenge is identifying those values, and then aligning your career trajectory with people and companies that mesh with your own values.

This blog will feature interviews with women (and men!) from the fashion, beauty, publishing, e-commerce, technology, entertainment industries, as well as with creatives working in other sectors like real estate, finance, and consulting. I will also outline key lessons that I’ve learned from spending my twenties in various roles from inside Cond√© Nast to working with fashion designers as they grown their own labels, to running my own company, Plan de Ville. I believe that you can dress for, and create, the job of your dreams – and I can’t wait for us to share together here.

XO, Catherine 

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